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Alex Jones’ Ex-Wife Blasts “He’s a Really Unhappy, Disturbed Person”

Kim Jones says being married to a person who makes his dwelling peddling conspiracy theories created troubles from the start.

‘I simply suppose he is a clearly sad disturbed character,” Kelly Jones informed inner edition. “He virtually become very cruel to me each day of our marriage. He would just make fun of me, I couldn’t do something right. He could inform me i used to be fat.”

Alex Jones runs the internet site Infowars, which these days protected his theories approximately final week’s Manchester bombing.

“large bomb goes off at pop superstar live performance, bombing a gaggle of liberal trendies,” he stated.

He also believes the Sep 11 terror assault turned into an inside task and as soon as known as the Sandy Hook school massacre a hoax.

His response to 11th of September especially is especially traumatic to his former wife.

“i used to be going outside with a candle to stand with my neighbors at the sidewalk to mourn with them and he just yelled at me,” she recalled. “I think on that very day he stated there was conspiracy in the back of it and i just said, ‘Whoa!'”

They divorced in 2015 after 12 years of marriage.

Her largest heartbreak is the lack of her kids. Their youngsters were residing normally with their father with simplest occasional visitation with their mother.

‘i have long past months without seeing my kids, I’ve long past weeks at a time without speakme to them on the smartphone, despite the fact that the courtroom had ordered I have to see them,” she stated, adding, “Parental alienation is child abuse.”

She fears her oldest son, who has regarded on Alex Jones’ show, is morphing into his father.